Rethinking the Why

Previously I was asking myself, “why this path?” Why take the left hand path? The question is asked, from a vantage point of being neutral to the subject of truth. If one doesn’t have some “awakening,” why would they knowingly seek a left-hand-path, as opposed to the right-hand-path. While I Continue Reading

Getting a Job

While I’m more about internal development, there are times where needs become a necessity. We all need to eat, have a house/apartment, etc. There was a time in my distant past, where I was laid off from a job. I was on a 6 month severance, which was coming to Continue Reading


There is a darkness within the depths of every soul, and every form of consciousness. We first interact with it, in a time of fear, or rage. Maybe the loss of someone stirs the darkness, and this darkness rises to meet the caller (us.) Why seek darkness? There is no Continue Reading