In my personal view (and this advice is for me, I take no responsibility for anyone else), Pain is very useful in my spiritual work. This is a new avenue for me, as I haven’t gone down this road in the past. No one taught me this, nor have I read about it in some book or class. This is purely my own Gnosis, and as such, it may n to work for anyone else.

I want to document this as part of the category of “journal” entires. I have found that physical and emotional pain is a great source of power for my Work. In this description, I’m not speaking of some form of self inflicted pain, but rather the natural pain that rises throughout my routine.

One day I started having severe pains in my joints – yes, I’m getting old. Instead of taking Advil, I went into my ritual space and put pressure on my joints. The pain was electric. But in that sensation, I felt it powered my RESOLVE. I could stand in the total darkness and face my fears much easier than without the pain.

As it turned out this benefit was not only due to physical pain. Emotional pain also gave me more resolve. Feelings of Isolation, Emptiness and Depression that naturally occurred in my life, I was able to pull out into the Work. Once again, they replaced sensations of anxiety and fear.

Pain like this seems to be an extra punch to the energy of the Workings I would do.

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