Another topic raised in the Compendium III episode of Black Flame Immersion, was that of Parapsychology and the paranormal. The host and co-host gave their impressions on the paranormal.

I agree with the sentiment that most of what is seen on TV is fake. It is also a fair assessment that famous “investigators” like Ed and Lorraine Warren are looking at situations from a Abrahamic methodology, which is obviously biased.

I’ve vacillated on the subject of the Paranormal throughout my life. Right now I believe that much of the activity is somehow self generated. I’ve noticed that many times people have these events when they first move into a home, or when they have kids with emotional issues (such as becoming teenagers). This is just a hypothesis, but I am of the opinion today that such people are unknowingly manifesting their own energy into some chaotic result. When kids and/or parents have a background in a religion (even if they don’t believe in it at that time) it will have a stronghold over the subconscious. In such a situation, I believe individuals manifest their subconscious expectations, and it appears as phenomenon.

I can’t say all phenomenon is self-generated and certainly this is my personal bias, but I’ve come to believe that some of my past experiences were the result of unintentional will, and belief. Yet other experiences still seem to hold a notion of “otherness” to them.

Voices in the Night

In my youth, I had my first major paranormal event. It shaped my future. Without that event I might still be a Christian. What occurred with the paranormal event was a terror at night… a set of voices talking to me. What was said wasn’t kind or nice, but rather angry and hostile. I suppose the host/co-host would refer to it as the dead.

At the time I was a teenager and I thought it would submit to the name of god. When I prayed in my childhood faith, I got no result. The situation escalated and I was terrified. In time it passed and by morning it was gone. That specific event never repeated. But it taught me the lesson that a system (like christianity) can not work in itself. All power must come from personal gnosis, and discovery. Appealing to a god because the parents said to do so… seems a neutered aspect of magical work.

The Paranormal Dries Up

My entire spiritual path roots itself to that one night (mentioned above). I wanted to know what that was. Was it a “demon?” Was it a ghost? Was it something different than either? To answer that question took me outside the confines of Christianity. I didn’t know it at the time, but it started me down a path that leads right to this point.

I even forgot those questions, yet without that event I wouldn’t have attempted the varying religions, cults and spiritual organizations. For me, that too was a requirement. By entering into and experiencing different ideas and systems, I came to see the flaw in all groups and collective dogmas.

Along the way I had some amazing experiences and stories. I had a couple witnesses to events here and there and it always got my blood pumping.

Within the past couple years I had a deluge of experiences. That is, up until recently (2019).

I’ve noticed that as I’ve moved deeper into the Left Hand Path, my paranormal experiences have gone silent. Perhaps I don’t need them anymore. Maybe I experienced them because there was a need.

I’m not sure. I can’t say what it was. I can only say that in time it dried out. 2019 was a very dry paranormal year for me. There are times I think I feel the presence of my Daemon (my belief in the expanded self that holds the seat of power in one’s life – similar to Crowley’s HGA). But that’s it.

When I called to the name of a deity that other people use (whether it be Set, Lucifer, and so on), I received no feeling, no presence, nothing. I stopped using the names that others used, and just went with the intent of reaching out… still nothing.

At first I thought I must be failing in some way. Thoughts of self-failure began to surface… but my practice was fruitful. I was having personal gnosis and discovering my Individuality in ways never before experienced. I had learned to let go of old relationships and religions. My power in the path was certain.

But if my work was true, why has there been this lack of connection… lack of the paranormal?


My path has changed. As a child, I was terrified of an experience, which put me on the path of seeking truth. I searched through many religions, occult groups and so on. I had a variety of experiences, perhaps most were self generated forms of manifestation.

Then, when I began to find the path of Self, the path towards Me and Individuality… the experiences stopped. It was like the shutting of a door. There are times I miss the old days. Seeing something manifest in a room, or having a witness to a voice in another language taking over a radio station while doing a ritual… those were exciting.

Perhaps I’m past the need for excitement. Maybe the door shut on these, because I need to focus on self improvement and Individuality. Perhaps this is the time of moving from excitement to the heavy lifting of the path. The “chop wood and cary water,” as it were.

Or maybe there’s an entirely different reason. I can’t say just yet. I’m just aware of the change.

This is a challenge to discuss with the general Left Hand Path community, as I’ve discovered most of the LHP doesn’t seem to believe in anything at all. For most of the LHP groups out there, it is a path of psychology and archetypes.

I think the key for me is to remain open minded and hold no expectation. To continue the practices and work and pursue personal gnosis. Not get caught up in expecting something to manifest and so on. Then wait and see.

If nothing happens, so be it. If it does, great – but I mustn’t get distracted. Regardless of the events that may or may not take place, I need to keep on the path of self growth and ascension.

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