Burning the Old Ways
By @Skotadi (me)

Like blackened petals they lay upturned,
Pages born of filth, now severely burned,
This worm of wisdom spewed from mouth to ear,
Calling for murder, hate, bigotry and fear.

I called your name, and spat in your foul book,
I burned your pages in rage from all you took,
You stole so much from me and mine,
To which I burned your words, so foul unkind.

“But Jesus saves,” your adherents cry fulfilled,
Yet this book speaks of enemy children to be killed,
“That is the old way,” some stammer and say,
Yet they quote the old way to hate those who are gay.

So I took this book so old and falsely writ,
And tore the pages to burn and spit,
I don’t reverence the filthy, nor behave,
I burn Ephesians 6:5, for I am NO SLAVE.

Taking back all the energy once put in,
You might think me now born deeply of sin,
Enjoy your belief to a beastly god submit,
The path of the isolate I chose to commit.

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