“Safeguard” by Skotadi

My night has come, and the hollow returned,
It started with an icon of the past once burned.
I am now empty and separate from the rest,
A rising swell of Identity wields a crest.

My symbol, my name, my totality newly born,
From the ashes of slavery, came with pages torn.
The symbol of the enemy descrated to dust,
Cuts away the past hold of that old rust.

With eyeless vision, I see more clear,
That the externalized Self has nothing to fear.
There is but one lacking choice to make,
Those left behind, my goal, they attempt to take.

Safeguard at all times, as the enemy does roam,
Their sympathetic ear is a call to that old home.
Such a failure would return me as the slave,
To the home of the false master so depraved.

No thought, no thinking and no guesture clear,
Follow the word, and return to some false fear.
Read not, thinking not, clear reason never to be,
Blinding their eyes, they give away their Soveriegnty.

Give not an inch, or a foot they will take,
Sliding back to the ever mindless state.
Being, is the path of the Individual goal,
This Black Flame the spark of the eternal soul.

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