I wasn’t sure if I should post this, as it’s quite personal in nature. The poem below has key words that have relevance within a specific line of thought. Without the keys, it will lose impact. However, that said, I think the poem may still speak to others who might read it. In fact several people I showed this to, explained that they really enjoyed it as a call to the Daemon – and the Black Flame.

If you get something out of it, great. I hope so, at least I hope it inspires. I wrote this poem when I was seeking communion with my Daemonic self. Days had gone by, and while at work, these words started coming to me and I began to write them down. They were the feelings I held in this regards:

The Blackest Flame
By Skotadi (me)

The Blackest Flame, the clearest heart,
No obstructions now, to keep us apart.
Holy Daemon come, I sing you this call,
Draw me through, to our isolate All.

Separate at first, but now I see,
That always you and I, where truly me.
Expansive expression, I Become and begin,
To You, to me; no start, nor end.

This process hails with the key Awaken,
Surface of Self, I’m no longer mistaken.
Not able to clearly nor rightly See,
The quest begins with Sovereignty.

Medial and Core are a state in-line,
Towards the Higher Self most Divine.
Jungian Mandala, symbol of the dream,
Inverse Pentagram the Deamon’s stream.

Daemonic Self is never more clearer,
Then with thy symbol of my mirror.
Reflect this Becoming of one and same,
We both light the true Blackest Flame.

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