Many years ago I was in between different philosophies. I had left Buddhism, in favor of occultism but the occult group I was in at the time (a Golden Dawn offshoot) was up in turmoil and internal conflict. I left that group and was checking out a variety of different spiritual traditions. At that very same time I lost my job… so it was a period of massive change.

I ended up interviewing at that time (2007) at a company run by a Scientologist. Long story short, the owner of the company and I began a dialogue and he introduced me to Scientology.

While my venture into Scientology didn’t last much longer than a year, and I left in frustration (another story), I did discover some things about the human mind in the process.

For the purpose of this article I want to share what I discovered in my work in Scientology related to the power of the mind… specifically, how the mind can manifest changes in the body (even visual changes.)


A somatic, or psychosomatic response, is when the mind can make a manifestation in the body. In theory this could be an illness or other form of body change. This is often very hard to prove as an illness can also be caused by natural causes and not necessarily via the mind alone.

However, I had an opportunity to witness something very unusual. At the time I was taking a course in Dianetic auditing. As part of the course I needed a student with whom I could audit.

An “audit” has nothing to do with taxes. Instead it is like a form of mental therapy where the patient is asked to re-experience and event (usually trauma) until it no longer has effect. This gets a lot of mockery these days, from naysayers and I’m not here to defend the practice, nor condemn it.

What I want to share is how one person I worked with was able to manifest a sunburn on her body, with the mind alone.

Manifested Sunburn

I got a volunteer who came into the office one night and allowed me to a audit them for my class credit. She wasn’t going to tell me anything personal, as I wasn’t an auditor, so she kept it lite.

She went over an memory of washing her car. Her memory involved washing her car on a hot day, under a hot sun. She went through the memory many times over, pulling out details of the feel of the water, the sound of the water hitting the car, the air, the hot sunlight… the sound of a bumble bee…

After 40 min or so, she began to complain of physical discomfort. We stopped shortly thereafter.

It was then I realized she appeared to have a sunburn. Her arms and face were bright red and she was complaining about the heat in the room (it wasn’t hot.) There were no windows in the room either, and it was in the evening. There’s no way she could have gotten a sunburn in that little office.

The red skin even left an area around her eyes where her sunglasses would be. It was so surreal. Like she just came off the beach without sunblock.

When she left the office, people in the hallway were shocked and were asking her, “what happened to skin?” She was confused so they brought her a mirror. She was shocked. Her memory of the past event changed her skin to appear as sunburned and even felt warmer to the touch.

She explained that this is very odd because she was doing a memory of being sunburned while washing her car… it was entertaining for sure.

Power of the Mind

I’m no longer a Scientologist, but I can’t dismiss the power of the mind that I encountered that day. The mind is very powerful, and is programable by one’s consciousness.

“Demon” Scratches

If that woman could manifest a sunburn, how much of a stretch would it be to manifest “demon scratches?” I saw a video in the 90’s on some paranormal show, of a man being scratched from an unseen force.

In the video (filmed by his wife), the skin on his back would start flushing red, and then form into scratches. Seemingly no one was touching him. If we consider this wasn’t somehow faked, it causes us to wonder the source of the scratches.

Consider the woman who could make her skin appear sunburned by reliving an event. While this fellow wasn’t reliving an event, his belief in good vs. evil, christianized paranormal ideology and the like most likely led him to an idea that he was under attack by some evil influence.

But what if it was simply his own mind?

External Phenomenon

If a person can control their somatic / body experiences with their mind (even unknowingly), could they also unknowingly cause seeming external manifestation?

I believe so. I rejected the idea of it being possible for a very long time, as most people would. After all, if you asked me to move a picture frame with my mind, I couldn’t comply.

Yet I have to go back to the sunburn on the woman. She too couldn’t create a sunburn on her arms on demand. There’s something special about being detached from the result. By calling it an “external force,” or a “demon” we start identifying the source as “out there” and it scares most people. But that “out there” might simply be a greater sense of self.

The “Self”

To a theist, where is the self located? The self is not the brain. The self is not the body. The Self is something aware of the body, but also esoteric as well… it is perhaps a soul or a vessel or an expansion of consciousness.

I drew that diagram above, when I believed in a central God force. Let’s forget that force for now and focus just on the Self. The extension from the creation point (creation point being on the left) expressing itself to the right, is the representation of a person. At the far point to the right is the material self, or the body. Towards the left is less material and more consciousness.

When I was on the Right-Hand path, I saw the goal as moving to the left of the diagram into a union with the Source. But now, from a Left-Hand path perspective, I consider the entire track to be the Self and this union being the Black Flame (true self.) That true self, then expressing outwards to an alignment of some sort (Lucifer, Satan, Set, etc.)

Some would call the “higher self” the Daemon, this would be the guiding force of one’s spiritual path. It isn’t external, nor is it “god,” but a greater expression of the Self.

The Daemon + human consciousness (and all states in between) would then be the totality of Self.

Such an expression has power. While my body has power over the physical universe in a great way, the esoteric self has more spiritual power – it’s effect may not be sudden, but I believe it has a greater influence. If programmed it could manifest something expected (through indoctrination) as “scary” or “wonderful,” or as something desired under one’s own will (magic.)

To me, this is the source of our will made manifest. It is hard to do this, and people call this methodology, magic.

Those on the Right-Hand path will find that hard to swallow as I’m suggesting the power of the “angel” or tetragrammaton is not the source of the work, but rather a tapestry to program a result powered by their own nature.

Those on the Left-Hand path might equally find it debatable as I’m saying that the source of power isn’t from a deity, but from one’s self. I can’t prove this, it just feels that way from my life experience.

Powering the Experience (Magic)

Magic, to me, is powered by a) belief in the process b) will of the operator and c) openness to an outcome.

Magic is hampered by bodily chemicals (adrenaline), and mental blockages (doubts, fears, etc.)

Spiritual Beings

Although the mind has great power to manifest physical manifestations, (externally as well) I also believe in the power of non physical beings.

These beings may be called Daemons, Spirits, etc. Whatever vocabulary we use, we simply are referring to a power (greater or lessor) that can be activated and utilized for result.

It can be tricky to identify the result of magic being a Self expressed work, or that empowered by an external life form.

I do believe there is an external deity(deities.) This is where personal gnosis would guide someone as to the best way of understanding one’s relationship with the work itself. Is it self manifested? Or is it driven by Lucifer, Prince of Darkness, Set or some other form? That I can’t say.

What I am sure of, is that it’s possible for one’s mind to create physical manifestations on one’s body and mental space. It’s also possible, in my opinion, for one’s mind to knowingly or unknowingly effect the environment around a person.


This doesn’t take away from the idea of a theistic being behind the work, but it does offer a reason why one person does the magic and gets a “negative” result, yet another does the same magic and gets a “positive” (inspiring) result and still another does it and gets no result.

I contend that a talking board, given to someone without the knowledge of it, would simply be a wooden board with letters printed on it. In such a neutered state of mind it would offer no occult power of itself. Even if charged by someone, that charge may not be able to cut through the subjective mind of the unawares person. If it wasn’t this way, it would be very easy to prove the power of occultism – charge an item, give it to every scientist… and wait for the tide to turn. It simply doesn’t work that way. Most people without the openness, do not get the result of the work.

Those who have some latent programming (even if a current non-believer) can activate that unknowingly. A once Catholic, now scientist, playing with a ritual item, might bring about some result.

Yet, I’m not suggesting this is all “our mind.” There is a certain feeling when dealing with some things can not be categorized (at least to me) as something internal… it feels and behaves completely foreign and external.

I’ve had two physical manifestations… and a couple audible. In some cases, with witnesses at hand. Where these cases expressions of our nature? Or where they the result of an unseen force (dead, or Greater Spiritual Being?) It’s very hard to say, except in one particular case, I am sure it was something greater. The case was quite the shock, and had no feel as something human. While it is possible that it could still be “me” at some very expanded sense of self… I continue to think it was an external being of some sort.

In the end, we seek guidance from time to time. We grow in our knowledge of how to do magic, how to perform devotion, how to change our thought process, how to gain insights… and all of this is done through an outside force. Someone might argue it’s really “us” but it doesn’t quite matter.

If we exist beyond the body, it is only logical to presume there is also a source and other non physical beings.

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