There are times when distractions take my attention away. Money, family, work… it can certainly distract. But if I take a moment to just observe what’s going on in my sphere of influence, I begin to see reminders of the way.

When I think of this topic, I can’t help but analyze the host of Black Flame Immersion. In the Facebook group he runs, he has a post about his interest in Moths. When he describes a moth, he internalizes something deep and profound. For him, the moth represents something spiritual. I imagine when he see’s a moth, it has an opportunity to snap him to a spiritual perspective.

Each of us can find that something. It might be the way a tree bends in the wind, or the sound of a dog barking. Whatever it is, there’s something that can draw us, fascinate us and once internalized, show us a connection to something profound. Not only with regards of any deity we may chose to follow, but also our own nature.

I suppose this article today, is a reminder for myself to find that something. To sit in the silence of the moment and observe. Take it in and in so doing, find a way through to Self, a deeper and more profound understanding of the nature of Identity.

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