We do our magic work, and sometimes the result isn’t realized. We think, “it failed,” but that’s the worst thing we can think. Did we fail?

Some critics will say, “I don’t believe this is possible, so do it now so I can see it.” They want a performance. “Manifest the being,” or “summon the spirit,” this is a common critic response to traditional magic. The critic assumes if it happens once, it should happen each time, like some sort of chemistry experiment.

Two points to that…

First, from a Temple of Set perspective, magic occurs at the subjective universe level – and this level does not adhere to the laws of the physical universe. You can’t necessarily expect something to occur each time it’s performed.

Second, from a general magic perspective, we don’t have a vantage point to run magic as a scientific experiment. There are variables at play that are not known.

If you do a magic operation and it fails to yield a result, return to the practice again and again. That’s the way through the so called dark night of the soul. Perseverance yields results.

As an Example

Imagine you were standing in your kitchen, looking out the window into your backyard. You notice a fellow in a black jumpsuit and hoodie, hop over your wall, glancing about. He scurries across your lawn and hops the wall to your neighbors yard.

You call the police, who sends a unit to your house. Now imagine the police officer looks out your window and says, “I don’t see anyone.”

That’s the role of the magic critic.

I can’t pretend to know all the possibilities required to unlock a result. There are fields of belief and barriers that need to be overcome (inwardly and outwardly.) Most likely there are other issues at play, like the nature of the work, and the requirements to manifest. There could be energies or cosmological events that allow physical manifestation, or it might require an emotional response from the aspirant. Who knows all that is required.

What I can tell you, is that I’ve seen manifested spirits. I’ve been able to remote influence events – even people. It really happened, and in some cases there were witnesses. But it would be naive of me to think that it will happen every single time I do the work.

The Woman on the Stairs

In one case, I was working a methodology taught to me by a mystic or psychic… his role is ever changing, so I struggle to define him, but he taught a method of tapping into what he called the “multi-dimensional universe.” When I did the operation the first few times, nothing happened. But I didn’t give up… I persisted and one day, I did the work and walked into my living room to see someone foreign standing there. I saw her with my eyes, not with my imagination. She was clearly standing there, on the steps from my kitchen… an elderly woman, gaunt and pale. I saw the garments she wore. The colors, and threads of the garments were clear. It was hyper real. She was gone, as soon as I saw her. Most likely the shock of it all, caused a flow of adrenaline that blew the process out.

Had not I not persisted, I might have walked away thinking, “these things don’t happen.”

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