Somewhere in my youth, I became complacent. I became lazy. I sought easier solutions to problems and in a way this is the drive of technology. Being in an IT related field, this may have been what contributed to this behavior… as some say, the average developer is a lazy developer. Meaning they look for faster, easier ways to the same end goal.

Yet in other fields, such as spiritual growth, human growth, philosophy – the easy path is quite often the wrong path. Taking the easy path, leads to fast food, fast relationships, easy social situations and so on. But no growth comes out of taking it easy. Real growth is like a sword being fashioned. A sword starts as a lump of metal, it is super heated, beat into shape, super cooled and then grinned down to a sharp point. So too is the spiritual path a path of effort, pain and hardship.

A true spiritual path towards Individuality, is not one of ease. There is no one to take our problems from us. We face it alone, save maybe the advice of others or the guidance of a spiritual entity.

Intake of the World

One problem with taking it easy, is in identifying with the human condition a bit too much. This happens when I start feeling the pull of bodily desires, be they sexual, hunger, financial or some other mundane need.

The more I identify with the need, or feel the compulsion to remove the pain, the more I feel a bridging gap between my spiritual quest and myself. In other words, I don’t feel I can engage in some things, to keep moving on.

Obviously there are human needs. Take stock of your real needs. This doesn’t mean we can’t have relationships, but we must balance everything in our end game goals. There are moments where I lose myself into indulgence. Perhaps I spend too much time playing video games, or watching tv, or being stuck on the Internet…. or often, eating too much. These things bring about the human condition. They cause me to reaffirm my human weakness, and to ignore my spiritual strength.


I’m writing this note down for myself in my journal. This is a personal methodology and I have no idea if it would work for anyone else. I’ve been good at working with energy and elementals in my distant past… and in meditation one recent night I came across an idea:

In order to defeat the hungers of the world, I started to draw the emotion or feeling out of me. This is a Willed act, with the Belief it will work. In a meditative state, I accept the feeling, craving, depression, emotional state, etc. I let it run through me, but I feel it run through me. I ask myself where it feels rooted in me… in my gut? in my chest?

Once I tune to the sensation I want to remove, I draw it out of me with my Will. On each slow inhale, I feel the sensation leaving me, and floating in a globulous form above my outstretched hand. It may radiate a heat, have a color… the details only are here to help make the direction of Will more real.

Through several inhales I bleed the feeling out of me, into this ball of energy. Prior to all of this I have a need… my car is broken and needs a proper mechanic… I need money for car repairs, or perhaps a more spiritual need like tuning into the Dark Deity. With this strong need, I then turn the sphere of my emotion as an energetic artificial elemental.

I give it a name, a designation. I tell the globulous thing it has one instruction and then it will dissipate back to nature. The goal is its identity. When I feel the goal and the nature of the energy is in harmony, I release it to do its work – visualizing it moving away from me to accomplish the goal.

I’ve thought of using a Tarot card along with this… a Trump card that symbolized the need… be it financial, or spiritual. Then sending the energy blob through the card to accomplish the work. This I haven’t tested yet.


The main goal, of removing the problem emotion, is always accomplished. I’m left feeling more empty, but free. Free of the distracting emotions, depressions, anger, needs, and so on.

I’ve noticed the feelings will come through again, as I start interacting with life. As I remain vigilant, I repeat the process – which gives me more of a buffer each time.

I’m currently waiting on the magical operations to see if they too accomplish their tasks.

Update: A few hours after I wrote and published this article, I got a call from my wife. I had received an unexpected set of checks – an answer to the magical operation. It’s detailed in the linked article below:

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