In my research of the Left Hand Path system of belief, I’ve come across some who hold a lot of anger towards RHP traditions. This anger may be the result of pain or hurt caused by the RHP in their past, or it might just be learned behavior from other initiates.

Often I would read comments to RHP people (from LHP members) like, “slaves like you will serve.” Or, ideas of glee about the RHP person reaching spiritual suicide.

It’s akin to Scientology bull-baiting practices. Now I’m not picking on LHP. I’ve seen it in the RHP as well, and they will do this. They will rise to the goat of the LHP initiate. If we react, however, we will succumb to their manipulation and control.

I was very happy to read this excerpt below from Don Webb in his work, “Uncle Setnakts Essential Guide to the Left Hand Path.”

Many of the magical and spiritual tchniques that are used by the Left Hand Path Initiates are used by their RHP brothers. There are many similarties in the paths…. There is no hatred of the Right hand Path groups or practices by the mature Left Hand Path Initiate. The Initiate will have had to go through a break with the Path, but sees the Right Hand Path as necessary for maintaining social controls. The Initiate has to accept the hatred and mindless loathing of the less developed of the Right Hand Path practitioners, with a constant truth before him or her, ‘If I fall back asleep, I will be the same!’….”

Uncle Setnakts Essential Guide to the Left Hand Path,” pg. 31 by Don Webb

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