In a previous article I wrote about this magic process I’ve been doing. It involves drawing out of me an emotion or desire (or some other issue) that I don’t want. That which is removed magically (under my Will) is then given a task to perform and sent on its way – much like creating artificial elementals in the Hermetic Golden Dawn tradition, only I’m not using natural energy, I’m powering it with my own nature that I want to sublimate. For more info, see the article below:

Result of Work

My car had an unexpected problem. It’s a new car, 2016, but it had a gasket blow in the transmission unit. It was quoted to me at $1,000 to fix. At first I was deflated… depressed. Then I decided to make use of this technique described above (repurposing energy) to remove my internal anger, depression, desire and so forth – reprogramming it and sending it out to fix this situation.

Issues of anger, frustration and depression kept coming up. Each time I would take a moment, to acknowledge them and find their source in me… tune into that issue and then pull it out of me as described in the other article.

My program of the energy removed was simple, “bring me enough money to cover my car repairs and then disperse back into nature.” In some cases I gave the energy a time frame of a week.

I felt great each time as though the emotions that were in me where now gone, allowing me to focus on my spiritual work and my life.

Just now I got confirmation of the magical working itself, I got a call from my wife… we got an unrelated check in the mail, a reimbursement that more than pays for the cost of the car repairs… and a second check from a dentist – based on some insurance thing, they owed us some money as well. This is a tangible result to the magical operation of Harvesting my Emotions to empower the work.

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