Lately I’ve been thinking more about the metaphors of the Black Sun. The image of a profane Eclipse, placed upon a spiritual backdrop, can hold some significant meaning. In the profane world, there is a mass illusion, a lie. This lie can be found in conformity and group mind modalities. Such is the stuff of cults, religions and a variety of spiritual organizations. There’s another aspect to the lie, the lie of” what we see is all there is.”

Two Types of Lies

Like a rain of light forming a projection, we are bombarded by the lie. This lie presents itself as our world, our bodies, and the collective agreement establishing norms and conventions. It’s solid enough and that makes it feel real. It possibly is real in one way or another. We live in a body, and the body dies. That’s real. Yet there’s more to the story than the body and the world. What is more is the other side of truth.

Group Lie

A group may seem harmless enough, and perhaps that is true in some situations. However, every group has an identity. This identity is formed from the works of the leadership, and in some rare cases the body. In either case, the group sets a foundation of belief, ideology, and philosophy. One can visualize this as a circle drawn in the sand. The group member’s philosophy is the space from the center of the circle to that line in the sand. Everything beyond that line is a deviation from the goals of the group and therefore it is to exit the identity of the group itself. Just like a living organism, a group will seek to maintain its life by holding onto its membership (which is its lifeblood).

These beliefs may transform over time, but at any given moment, they hold an ideology enforced with the use of rules. This of course is a linear gradient of enforcement. Some groups are harsh in enforcement. Such are often identified as cults. Using physical coercion and force, they demand strict obedience to the philosophy. More common are groups that use social factors of control. Social control might be negative or positive. It can be with the stern look of a leader, or the pat on the back. It can be a critical talking-to from the leadership, or praise.

Where is the lie? The lie of the group, is in thinking that either:

  • the group has the only or greatest Workable System.
  • that the group’s wisdom is greater than any personal truth the Individual may discover for themselves.

Spiritual truth can not come from another. I can get insights, and wisdom from others, but it is not my path, nor my Gnosis. The act of Spirituality is Individual in nature and can not be conferred by another. This is the personal nature of Spirituality. A group asserts its truth above that of the Individual. There may be overlap, but in time, every Spiritual person must make their own synthesis of data and experience, in order to create their truth. At some point it will break a boundary of the group.

The Lie of the World

I said that the world itself holds a lie, and I personify this lie as the Light of the Demiurge. In Hinduism this could be said to be Maya (Illusion). The lie in this case is that the physical world is “all there is.” It is the notion that nothing exists beyond what we can quantify with our senses or scientific instruments.

The only way to defeat this lie, is in personal experience. No one’s truth can break this lie for another. While someone might get swayed with the magnetic personality of a religious zealot, following someone else does not nullify the lie. It simply layers someone else’s truth over the lie.

This lie can only be overcome through personal Gnosis, which is derived through personal experience.

Search for Truth

That search for truth is known through awareness by personal Gnosis.

Yet how can we achieve personal gnosis through conformity, group think and seeing the world around us as “all there is?” This light, it confuses things and hides reality.

In other words, truth and Gnosis is not obtainable until one is cut off from the parasitic, outside influence. Both the Group Lie and the Lie of the World are contaminating our senses with an ideology.

Eclipsing the Light

When the profane eclipse occurs, it blocks the light of the sun, and in the shadow of the umbra there is a silence of the solar light. Like the profane, there is a spiritual dynamic here as well.

The Black Sun is the absence of the Light of projected truth. Right Hand Path modalities look for the truth to be given or conferred. This is the case of religions and groups. They tell you what to think, what to believe. The Left Hand Path invokes the eclipse (the Black Sun) to block that light projection.

In the shadow of the dark, the Individual can form. It forms outside the dictated truth of the world, and of groups or religions. From the darkness one creates and truth is not conferred but discovered, or even created. This, in my opinion, is the delineating separation between the Right and Left Hand paths.

By whatever method the Individual uses, and finds in their personal Gnosis, the starting phase is to obscure that blinding light of lies. The force invoked becomes the Black Sun and it eclipses the light of the world. Here in the shadow, we become free of the instructions, and forced ideologies. It is from the darkness within darkness that all things can manifest. Perhaps the most important manifestation is the Individual themselves.

Some may call the Black Sun the name of a Deity. For others it might be in the finding of their expanded true Self, that part of self that persists beyond the scope of body awareness.

Whatever the process of the Individual’s choice of the Black Sun, it has one truism – it obscures the false light of the Demiurge. In that space there is freedom and this is the first step in moving forward on a spiritual path of Individuality.

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