As the news of an American soldier plotting to kill his own comrades, hit social media, it came with the sensational headline “Satanic Nazi.” This is very frustrating. The age we live in, thrives on sensationalism. It’s how money is made. I recommend the great work, “Trust me, I’m Lying,” to understand the economics of media deception.

I lived through the Satanic Panic of the 1980’s. I was a teenager at the time. One of my older brothers had religious extreme views. His wife was so into her faith that she “saw demons” everywhere. Demons in paintings, demons in furniture. She was absurd and would have been laughable, had she not worn a countenance of a Witch Hunter. Her sour complexion, mixed with my brother’s eagerness, made them a dynamic duo.

I’ve written about this before, so I won’t get too detailed. During the 80’s people went nuts seeing Satanism everywhere. Pastors burned role playing games, parents burned music…. therapists manipulated false memories and exorcisms were the rage.

I was forced to burn my roleplaying games, else be exorcised. I chose the former.

Christians are dangerous because they are easily spooked and prone too aggressive overreaction. Something like this news item could trigger another Satanic Panic. I think it will pass without too much sensationalism as most news agencies have veered into other topics.

It is a reminder of vigilance on our part, to be mindful of the tides that can turn against Individuality.

80’s police pamphlet on spotting Satanic Crime

There’s another aspect to this story….. Nationalism and bigotry coopting LHP symbols. Not only do we have do deal with Christian’s overreacting, now we have to deal with political groups coopting symbolism and belief.

I can’t understand anyone who follows a spiritual path (LHP or otherwise), that is preoccupied with skin color. For me, spirituality is the direction OUT of the skin. To adhere to skin and hate someone because of their skin or culture, fixes a person to a limitation. Self imposed racial limitations inhibit the spiritual path. There’s no expansion of Self, let alone self discovery.

I’ve used the term “Black Sun,” as it was described in the book Liber Nigri Solis (translated as “Black Sun”). This work is not racial, nor nazi in origin. It is a very abstract work describing in poetic visual, the nature of Self, and reclaiming the spiritual path. For some the book is far too “woo woo,” yet I enjoy it. I’m able to read the work and pull out of it ideas and concepts that relate to me, and none of these concepts are racial.

Sadly, if you google “black sun,” the only references you’ll get in the first two pages of findings, are related to neo-nazi’s. While I have no connection to the nazi concept of the black sun, the runic/alchemic nature of it is overshadowed by a political movement that I want nothing to do with.

Compounding it even more, Christians can use this opportunity to further demonize anyone on a “pagan” or heathen path. All of this to a Christian, is “Satanic.” They will link Satanism with racism and then assume all pagan’s are racist. Yet another unfair attack by the religious right…

These are trying times. I have no answer. I just wanted to write out my thoughts on the matter and perhaps a reader out there has a better answer to these problems than me.

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