Earlier in my life I came across this use of scrying. The actual process I thought I read somewhere and I enjoyed the use of it, finding it very pragmatic and useful. However, I can no longer find any source for this particular process. Perhaps it’s personal Gnosis… perhaps I learned it from some smattering of articles or books… I really don’t know. As this is a personal Working, I am not writing it here to suggest its use. Instead I’m documented this under the category of “journal,” for my own benefit.

I believe that there are ways to connect to portals of information, and knowledge. This process I’ve used considerably is a form of scrying. At times I think this produces imagery that connects to the sub-conscious or super conscious of the Individual. At other times, I think it really does make a connection to something external. I haven’t formed a conclusive determination in this regards. Either this is from a more expansive form of Me, or it is information from external influence.

The method that I’ve been using is to take a symbol, Tarot card, or other image. The object to be screed needs to have relevance to a goal. To learn about Sacrifice, I use the Tarot Trump of the Hanged Man. In my early years of the occult I used Enochian letters.

Whatever symbol is used (determined to fit a goal of mine), I stare at the image memorizing the symbols, colors, and shapes. Eyes closed, I pull the image into my mental space.

This is the trick that I think is a bit unusual. Rather than open the image as a door, I envision it as moving towards me at a great rate of speed. Like a train headed towards me straight on, I allow the image being screed to expand and rush to me, and through me… and I envision I am thrust through the object.

If it is a Tarot trump, then I see it come towards me, getting larger and larger as it picks up massive amounts of speed and it hits me, moving through me and I become thrust through it, as hit by a car.

The jarring instant immersion causes me to have immediate sensory of the scene. Landscapes roll out and I began to see elements quickly.

Lastly, I try and attune to all sensory. I imagine what it smells like (the air), what sounds are going on, the feel of the air against me… colors and so on.

“But it’s not real,” some will say. Perhaps. Perhaps it is simply imagination, but imagination under Will, in the goal of magic, can produce some interesting results.

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