The second part of my Left Hand Path direction, was in the culling of the Daemon. I suppose this could be thought of as the establishment of Self, or the recreation of one’s identity in a more expansive way.

The Daemon is the most expanded sense of Self. Don Webb described four levels of Self. The Black Ship (a Left Hand Path book) describes only the Daemon.

In my personal gnosis, I think that there are many levels of Self… but the only ones that matter are the mundane self, and the Daemon Self. These are aspects of the individual. The Daemon is also the Holy Guardian Angel of Thelema. It is the guiding principal of magic. When the Self is united, it becomes the Soul or the greater aspect of the individual.

From this acceptance of the Daemon and my own mundane consciousness as one being (that which is called ‘me’), I move forward into the Third Part (guidance and gnosis of the path.) But unless this is established, the third part will not manifest the way I wish it too. Instead of guidance, it can become subservience or worship.

My acceptance of the Daemon came from devotion. I started here, and not with direct guidance from Lucifer or Set or Satan. I started with integration of me. This is the totality of my subjective universe. It is the me that is beyond the body and persists beyond death.

While this bond is continuous and growing at each call of the Daemon, it is also at a stage where the next step can continue on. The keyword for the Daemon, is devotion. Through devotion I came to understand me as the Daemon.

When I am in this state, my mind is not filled with the little worries, but with the sovereignty of my dignity. This state is not some mind trick. It’s an establishment of truth… truth of who I am.

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