Lately I’ve started a practice similar to the mental disciplines of Vipassana, yet related to the Diabolist path. The practice, devoid of any specific tapestry or belief, is to just sit and experience what is. The lack of surface thoughts, lead one to just feel the present moment. In the case of the Diabolist, it is the sitting and experiencing of deity, or intermediary force, as it is, without words.

For me, I visualize this process at the start, and then sit without anything but the acknowledgement of the other. The visualization is simple, and it works for me. Others may find their own ideas work better here.


Imagine two interconnecting sets of vines. One reaching out from one direction, the other from the opposite. As they reach one another, they began to wrap themselves about the other, twisting into a very tightly coupled set of vines.

This is my initial visualization. I visualize these vine like structures coming from within me. From within my chest center, to be exact. Reaching out, with my will, they carry the goal of connection with my Daemon (greater self). If you prefer to substitute the deity, by all means.

The other (being contacted), is visualized as extending towards me, in a similar fashion. These two vines embrace and pull back to tighten the connection, rotating into one vine, connecting one to another.

It’s a visualization. Visualizations are useful in expressing the will into reality.


Once established, the connection remains. Instead of getting into mental dialogue, the experience itself is embraced. I sit there, without question or thought. I just feel what is there.

Dialogue is useful for different reasons, but the danger of dialogue is mental corruption. All too often the subconscious mind attempts to add or take away from any message, distorting it until it’s a reflection of one’s weakness, rather than one’s strength.

By sitting with the deity, or an intermediary (such as a Daemon), the experience is tasted and ingested. The bond is built upon feeling the experience, rather than thinking the thoughts.


Listening to nothing, embracing the feeling of what is going on, will certainly lead to boredom. That boredom will be replaced with thought. The subconscious mind will attempt to distract with imagination, memory, or emotion of something recent.

No effort I take in removing these. I acknowledge the thoughts and return to the feeling of the present operation. In some cases the ideas or feelings may be things needed to be dealt with. Most often, however, they are simply distractions that can be let go.

The act of letting go must be without force. If force is used, then the work will become focused on getting rid of thought, instead of feeling the present operation.

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