This post isn’t going to be about the balancing act of family, friends, work and spirituality… that’s a whole post in and of itself. Instead, I wanted to jot down my ideas on the balancing of the weight we give different levels of the self.

By “Levels of the Self,” I refer to the concept that the Self is not just a body. There’s an aspect of Self that extends beyond the body. Thelemites called the pinnacle, the Holy Guardian Angel. The ancient Greeks called it the Daimon…. and similarly, in many Left Hand Path trains of thought, it is called the Daemon.

At one extension, you have the most expanded sense of Self, and at the other end we have the most limited sense of self. The average person isn’t too terribly interested in the spiritual, so their self-awareness is locked in at the most limited sense of self – the Body Consciousness.

Views on Consciousness

By Body Consciousness, I refer to that state where a person behaves that this world of mud, and their fragile body are all that really matters. This is the realm of Greed, Desire For something, Fear of others, and so forth. In one world it is the Materialist.

Body Consciousness and its value is often contested based on one’s approach to the spiritual… the Mystic throws off any interest in it, where the materialist seeks it out.

In some schools of the occult, like Church of Satan, their approach is materialistic. They take an atheist approach to the idea of individuality, being personified in an icon of Satan, which has some shock value I suppose.

Other groups, such as Luciferians, Temple of Set and the like, take a Theistic approach. In this sense, they are not materialists… but in Temple of Set terminology, they also do not reject the material world. I can’t say much about Luciferians, because I don’t know much about them.

Diabolists, such as the host of the Black Flame Immersion, take on a seeking a way out of the world of mud… and I don’t blame him. In this way, one creates the sealing of consciousness to reside out of body, so upon death they ascend to a greater state of being.

As you can see we have some different flavors represented here… For the most part I’m not going to address the materialist view, as it has no interest to me.

Burning the Old Ways

In may Left Hand Path traditions, there is a requirement (or strong suggestion) that the Initiate must detangle their consciousness from the Old Things… those old influences. As an American, this problem would mean your birth faith – such as Christianity, Judaism, Scientology, etc.

This can be a symbolic gesture, but in my case, I never got through this influence until I held an icon of the faith in my hands and physical tore it apart, burning it.

But this isn’t just about old religion is it? All distractions to the spiritual work will need to be overcome. By spiritual work I reference here the initial goal of Becoming – to unite the levels of Self.

Totality of Self

When I started working with the Left Hand Path, the idea of Self was very prominent with me. This is something I’ve been searching into for many years. For the first time I felt a process was here (in the LHP) to achieve this goal.

So let me describe this Self to you, in my own way through this illustration of mine:

In my diagram above, I’ve put the “higher self” marking on the left. This is the Daemon of an individual – the most expanded sense of self. To the right, is the material world – the most limited sense of self.

The Body as Limiting

Some LHP people enjoy the body sensations… much like the Church of Satan, they might praise the body and the things they enjoy. The Temple of Set has a view, for example, that the way to Becoming (Becoming the Totality of Self) is through a Desire TO (not For) something, expressed into the physical world. It’s a mouthful, but what it means, is that instead of desiring money, one might desire to be a writer or an artist or a software engineer. This desire to become strengthens that aspect of Self, and thereby a person expands. Obviously this is intended to the spiritual/magical work, in order to become the totality of Self (that whole track drawn above.)

BUT, what of this body? I listened to a lecture by the esteemed Dr. Flowers where he spoke about Zarathushtra (linked below.)

This religion that Dr. Flowers speaks about sought (as many Christians now do) an eternal body. For some it sounds great… but not to me.

Even if your body is perfect (in some perfected spiritual state), one’s consciousness AT the body level is limited. A person’s body can only affect what they can reach. Whereas the Daemonic Self is as vast as the one’s subjective universe.

Fetters & Chains

What holds me back? My personal gnosis on this came to me this morning… as I reached out to my own Daemon. My consciousness shifted (on that diagram) from being on the right, to moving closer to the left. I felt the influence of he Higher Self working through me.

Soon after the work, my mind was upon issues that pulled me back to the Right of the diagram (materialistic thinking.)

“What is it that brought your mind here,” I thought to myself.

I made a list of things that take me out of the Daemonic consciousness:

  • Politics
  • Technology

Anything on that list must be burned… This doesn’t mean that I destroy all technology and live as an Amish. Rather it means I must burn off the attachment to the arguments that technology brings inside of me. That idea I need to be right on some stupid discussion of Apple vs. Android and so on.

Politics is another hotbed of issues. This doesn’t mean that I don’t care, nor that a person shouldn’t get involved. It does mean (to me) that if such things take the mind into the world of mud, then it is a dangerous thing, as it takes the person off the path of Daemonic integration.

Daemonic Integration

Dr. Aquino is correct, that in seeking the Subjective (non-materialistic universe) only, will create a mystic. Whether or not this state is stable is debatable. For some it is the way out of the world of mud.

Others will argue that “we’re here for a reason,” and therefore the physical state can not be underestimated. For such, there must be a balance…

This balance I would call the Totality of Self, or Daemonic Integration. Rather than shift awareness to the state of the Daemon, the Self is united with all layers from the Daemon, to human consciousness.

This is where the balance must be. Too much to the Daemonic side, and a person loses interest and connection with humanity. Too much to the human side and one becomes a materialist.

If, however, we posit that one can become the entire track, then all aspects of Self would be in balance. Self awareness would be able to express at any layer of Self equally.


For myself, the danger isn’t in becoming unbalanced into the spiritual… even as a mystic (in my mystic years) this never happened! Why? Because I live in a materialistic world.

Every moment of every day, the world is sending me signals that all I am is a human being. My body sensations tell me this every moment. Chemicals flood me with anxiety, calmness, depression, fear… this constantly tells me, “you are the body.”

If that wasn’t enough, my world is bombarding me with messages saying the same (that I am just the body.) “Buy this new car and you’ll finally be someone….” “Get this new phone and you’ll be happy….”

Marketing and trickery convinces me to buy, in a short run I am happy, but then comes the need for more… Desire For more, Fear of what’s here, Anger at my conditions – all of that is used to remind me I’m human.

But I’m more than human. So is everyone.

The danger for us, is not so much falling into the mystic view of giving up on the world, but rather becoming materialists. At least, in my experience, that’s the most common point of slippage.

The spiritual balance that I’m speaking about here is found in the totality of Self. Careful examination of one’s motivations, state of mind and so forth can show the imbalance of either into the mystical experience or the materialistic experience (the latter I think is more common.)

In the case of the latter, like all old things, I believe (at least for me) they must be burned out… at least the fetters must be removed through.

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