In the latest Black Flame Immersion podcast episode, the aspect of spirituality is discussed. Having my own ideas on the subject I thought I’d hash out some of my feelings on the matter. For the reader, you may find the episode available at:

In the discussion, the co-host mentions a personal view that she felt the role of spirituality was specific to Abrahamic faiths. Having no interest in following those paths, the label of spirituality was a turn off.

From my worldview, which is no doubt different, I always saw spirituality as an alternative to the dogmatic approach of religion. It’s not agnostic, as spirituality aligns with an idea of a deity, but it doesn’t define the idea of deity necessarily.

“I’m spiritual, but not religious,” is something that I picked up on when I younger. It was a statement that a person didn’t engage in dogma and perhaps had no specific religion but held a general concept of deity. They might lean towards Eastern or Western philosophy, but there wasn’t any real core design.

When I was on my quest for truth I ventured into many a belief, group or cult. I used to refer to myself as spiritual, which for the most part meant (for me personally) that I was on a quest for spiritual truth.

I started in the abrahamic paths, then shifted into buddhism, then occultism, then hinduism, back to occultism (thelema), into scientology, then occultism again, gnosticism, then back to eastern mysticism. At some point I stopped the joining and just started utilizing tools I picked up along the way and looked for truth. I had the odd paranormal experience, found things that worked for me, and discovered truth outside the doctrines I was aligned to. To me, the whole process was spirituality, as it was a way for me find who I was. Not all of these parts along the way had a dogma or leadership, but most did.

In 2019 I found the allure of the Left Hand Path, and to be honest, my initial interest was no doubt curiosity. However, in the search of truth, I wanted more than to say, “I’m a member of an elite group of occultists/philosophers.”

For me, I don’t have issue with the label “spiritual,” or “spiritualist.” Actually, “Spiritualist,” is also a reference to a specific group of people that reverence the dead, with a quasi-abrahamic cast. They conjure ghosts as their form of expression. I was never that, but I feel I should mention it as it tends to be a specific reference to the term.

The LHP Opens Up the Individual

There is a defining aspect of LHP that is different from the rest. We could call this Diabolism (as defined by Damiano of Black Flame Immersion)… although people have experienced this aspect without the terminology. It is the individual gnosis that is gained from the search for truth.

There have been many a person who had this gnosis, but then succumbed to turning it into a new religion. But up to the point of dogma, there is a balance where truth is expressed. That’s the point of Individual expression where Gnosis reigns and births something new, something unique in the aspirant.

Today the term Left Hand Path is used from everything from political movements to atheistic philosophy. As soon as I adopted the interest, I discovered the emptiness of the words Left Hand Path.

Is the label “spiritual” a valid description? Perhaps. I suppose it depends on who I’m speaking to. If someone at work asks, “do you believe in god? Are you religious?” I would probably tread carefully and say, “well I believe in Liberty, Individuality and personal sovereignty.” “What does that mean,” they may ask, and I would further describe the path as something “spiritual,” but without any dogmatic leader, teacher, or doctrine. It’s a safe hedge to discuss the topic.

Still on my personal search for truth (Gnosis), I have no label by which to call myself… I enjoy the term “Diabolist” as described by Damiano (the host of Black Flame Immersion). He defines the term exactly as the path I’ve described… a search for personal truth, without dogma, without leadership, without doctrine to guide or inforce my thoughts.

I suppose my self description differs depending on the situation. I may at times find myself in the company of a Yoga seeker, or a tantric believer. I don’t mind the company, even if I don’t share their goals, as I can find the common overlap that we are seeking the truth that seems to sprout from the path we’re on.

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