…and individual perceived and/or created -verses generated by each self-aware conscious entity: Subjective Universes (SU).

Aquino, Michael. The Temple of Set I (p. 144). Kindle Edition.

The Subjective Universe (SU) is each self-conscious being’s perception of the OU, blended with personally-generated overlays, selective impressions, and creative imagination as instinctive, indoctrinated, inspired, and/or initiated. Thus not even the most controlled physical scientist can claim to accurately and completely see the OU. What he sees is his filtration and distortion of it through his SU, which he has built up both consciously and subconsciously from innumerable sources since birth. More creative, artistic, mystical, etc. personalities may let their SUs run even more freely, to the point where the OU is of only occasional and necessary relevance to them. If some such persons reach a stage where their SUs have completely replaced the OU, they may be called “insane”; in this sense “sanity” is a measure of an individual’s suppression of his SU within socially-sanctioned boundaries.

Aquino, Michael. The Temple of Set I (p. 147). Kindle Edition.

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