The chances of success in a GBM working are presumably improved if one does not attempt too great a ‘distortion’ in the laws of consistency of the OU, and if one applies extraordinary energy to the corresponding phenomena in the SU(s). One must also take advantage of every cooperative force in the OU to enhance the working, using GBM to ‘tip the balance’ rather than do the whole job. Thus GBM is ideally supported by LBM, though the converse is not true.

Aquino, Michael. “Black Magic” pg 87

I found the passage above of interest, as it correlates to another idea I’ve heard, that changing an outcome is more challenging if there is a lot of attention on it. Where there is less attention, the outcome is more easily changed.

For example, influencing the results of a US Presidential election is challenging, if not impossible… but influencing any misconduct going on in an otherwise unknown venture, is more doable.

In other words, the “laws of consistency,” are partly the result of the mass attention to scale. Influencing NASA to get more funding (through magic) is difficult due to the views that would have to be mitigated by far too many people, but magically influencing a NASA research project to have a great public success, might be easier, and thereby get NASA the funding it’s seeking.

Mass humanity try and keep things “the same.” Non-natural influence is a challenge when there is a lot of gravity that needs to be overcome.

It is in the process of making the preliminary exploration of the SU and OU that the Black Magician begins to discover and ultimately to know how things really work. He exists wholly in neither the SU [like a mystic] nor the OU [like a materialist]… He moves back and forth between the two with increasing ease and expertise, influencing the MLs between them and thus causing change in accordance with his will.


Here Aquino makes it very clear that those who seek to identify solely with the SU are the mystics and those who seek existence solely with the OU are materialists.

The idea of the magician here, is one who moves back between the two states (via the Magical Link, or ML) to create the desired change. As one is adjusted, the other conforms.

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