Moving into Chapter 2 of Don Webb’s work, “Uncle Setnakts Essential Guide to the Left Hand Path,” the author starts to discuss the actual practices. It reminds me a bit of the work in the A.’.A.’. I won’t get into the details of Don Webb’s material, instead I’d prefer to give a high level overview and follow it up with any notes, questions or comments.

I didn’t mention all 19 methods of the practice that Don Webb describes. I did however highlight a few for the reader’s interest:

Magic Diary

I’ve personally kept a magic journal/diary since my Golden Dawn days (2005.) It’s a fascinating way of looking at one’s life. I do have a regret that some of my diaries I had handed over to the adepts of the Golden Dawn for review, and have since lost them with time.

It’s interesting to see where my head was back then, as well as all the other stages along the way. After the Golden Dawn, I dabbled a bit with Aurum Solis (not getting far due to distance), AMORC, and then the A.’.A.’. and Temple of the Silver Star. It was the A.’.A.’. that the journal came up again, as a significant piece of the work.

In fact, I have a copy of one of Crowley’s student’s journals (Jane Wolf) and it’s interesting to see what she wrote about, as well as Crowley’s hand written advice in the margins.

This is method #1 in Don Webb’s 19 methods of the practice. I agree that journals are paramount of importance. Today I keep a lot of my journals online… I have 3 active magic / mysticism blogs going on right now. I like the online blog format, as I can quickly find my journal anywhere I go, and I can search the content and organize it rapidly.

I still use paper journals, but more for specific workings that are of special focus.

Looking at what Don Webb describes as the content of the diary, it’s a bit different than my format. Here he emphasizes a lot of the mundane aspects of life to be charted as well – “what you expect to achieve, make a list of your qualities, etc.” This is very useful, especially in review to see how things have changed over time.

Take care of the Body

This is Method #2. This is where I would flunk. I don’t actually take care of my body. I’m the guy that when my doctor said, “look if you don’t diet and exercise I’m going to have to put you on blood pressure medicine,” I said, “Oh that’s great, put me on that.”

I know this is important, but I fail here all the time.

I’d like to bullet point some ideas Don Webb puts in this section:

  • Addictions must die
  • Eat right and exercise
  • Learn the likely date of your death and prepare for it
  • Start a training program for the body
  • Meditate on Chemistry of life (in dealing with others)

Master a Traditional Magic System

This is somewhat self explanatory. You research traditional magic systems and learn to use them as they are taught.

I suppose the question here is, most traditional magic systems are RHP. I’ve learned so many, but the LHP ones are more modern. Almost all traditional magic systems utilize the Tree of Life model from Kabbalah. I wonder how he deals with that… does he just do the RHP magic? Or does he do something closer to home, like Thelemic magic?

Create Your Own System of Magic

Having done the magic systems of orthodox groups, I’ve also simplified and modified the work. My view is that the ceremony and ritual are like user interfaces to a core computer system. You can bypass the old user interface, for something more modern, once you directly connect to what’s inside.

This also seems to fit into the Chaos Magic style as well. Sounds like a fun adventure, as long as someone gets it right and is able to get results.

Write a Magical Autobiography

It’s fascinating to see that here as a method…. I’ve done this as well and keep adding to it. I started that process as part of my giving back to my kids.

Self Sufficiency

This one is interesting. This method is about doing your own thing – antinomianism to a degree. Growing your own food, or shopping away from big malls and businesses, choose your own fashion…

Perform the Grand Initiation

As described in the book….

Plan for your Retirement

I’m kinda screwed on this one too… I’m 45 years old and will probably work till I die. 🙁

Master the Internet

My day job is in technology. This is actually very interesting. I like this as it’s a way to bond my interest in technology with the work. Don Webb suggests people research “Extropians” and “Singularity.”

I’d also suggest, “AI,” and “Deep Learning.”

The quote below (from Don Web) is very useful advice as well:

To master the Internet, you have to learn to control your own medial level. You need to wean yourself of the constant need for strokes, or the constant need to vent anger at morons. If you can learn to use the Internet as a way of connecting and interacting with smart people with similar interests, you can do anything given time and determination of your associates.

Ibid. pg. 43

There are so many gems in the above quote… not looking for strokes – that’s a big one! Not venting on others… Oh man… another big one.

Stand Up for the LHP

Breaking those attachments to the herd is done by affirming the LHP, which in itself is an act of antinomianism. This can be hard if you have a job where your identity could tarnish your future.

As Don Webb says, “be wise and speak from a place of safety.”

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