Although I’m not into Egyptian lore, I do find the symbol of a pyramid of use in my personal practice. In my personal practice and bias, I utilize the image of a pyramid surrounding myself, as a form of conceptualized separation. Harsh edges flowing down from the point above me (the top of the pyramid), to the base below me is how I envision it.

Black Pyramid

While a “white” pyramid to me, signifies a barrier, a black pyramid (to me) signifies reception. Reception of Gnosis. It is the Individual effort towards understanding. Diving the Self from that which surrounds it, the Black Pyramid separates from the carnal formations.

Yet the Black Pyramid is receptive, receptive of the Black Sun, which to me is the symbol of the Source of the path. Some may call this Satan, Lucifer, Set, Kali, or any other name of a being that presents the Supreme Individual over the Collective Group thinker.

Black Sun

The Black Sun is also symbolic. Many people of different backgrounds have defined it in different ways. To me, the image of the Black Sun is that of Gnosis from the Source of Individuality.

The Black Sun is likened to an eclipse, it is the shut off of the flow of light from the Demiurge. As the sun is blocked, its rays of influence is shut off. Symbolic of the void that is created after removing the filters of our past influences (past religions, philosophies, and the like) giving the space of freedom.

The Practice

In my personal practice I sit and cut off from the world (the Black Pyramid) by not only visualizing it around me… building the image on the inbreathe, a dark ray up through me, to the pinnacle above, flashing downwards to form the pyramid below me. Filled with ebony darkness. Darkness sourced from the Black Sun above. What exactly is the Black Sun? I believe it to represent the Source of Individuality (by whatever name it may be known to the Individual.)

But it’s more than a visual. The visual is attempted with the intent of separating from the profane, while being receptive to the greater source, the Gnosis.

If the profane sun is likened unto the Demiurge, then blocking the profane sun (as an eclipse), one gets a taste of the greater vastness beyond the profane false truth: The taste of the tapestry of the dark Universe. Symbolic of finding Gnosis, by the removal of the false truths of group think and blind slavery, the inner doors of wisdom open as one approaches true Individuality.

In that space, I feel the lack of solar energy and attune to the Source of darkness that provides the complete separation of Individuality.

As this is a personal practice, it is filled with bias. It may not work for anyone else, it may mean little to anyone else. I write about it here to jot down my personal path and what I am currently doing.

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