The Nature of a Vast Mind

My feelings on mind are in part from a variety of teachings that I’ve digested over the years, as well as my own personal experiences, meditations and understandings.  While the Buddhist strictly believes the mind to be only an awareness of the present moment, and being empty of any real existence (which is also true), it seems that my own exploration on the matter shows something more vast going on.

The mind is not the body.  It’s only connection with the body is the brain mechanism, which the mind utilizes in order to operate as a physical body.  But the mind itself is larger in scope.

When I enter into a meditation that is deep, there is an expansiveness felt.  The nature of “self” (although limiting) expands.  It can fill the room, or the local area.  There is a feeling of being larger than the body, and quite expansive in nature.

How expansive?

Although I have no memory of experiencing total expansion, I do believe that the mind is unlimited in expansion.  That it expands across all physical matter in this Universe, as well as the subtle layers of different realms of existence.  It expands to the point of God, and at that point it is in Union with the Divine.


It is a limited scope of awareness that narrows the mind down to the confines of a body.  At death the mind might confine itself to an identity of spiritual matter.  Or the mind might move to and fro and bind to a location of attachment.  This is simply limitations put on it by the identity it is now aligning to.

But I believe that in truth, if one pushes those boundaries, they will discover that the mind is boundless.


This also means that we are all one.  All of us, all animals, all beings with mind, are one with Divinity as well as each other.  It is only our imposed limitations that bind us to a false identity of “self.”  If each of us is Unlimited in scope, our minds must merge and mix together.  We are already here with my mind now.   You are here, others are here, I am here – and therefore “we,” “other,” and “me” do not exist as such.

Simply mind exists.