Opening “Magick Book 4,” at random, I found myself reading about the Robe of the Magician.

At first Crowley described it as a physical garment, but ultimately he tells it’s true nature. The true Robe is the aura of the Magician, which he said protects the Magician who sits in darkness.

The way I know of tuning to ones aura is through a practice taught by Eric Pepin. Clearing the mind the initiate inhales , visualizing their aura extending further out. On the exhale it contracts to about two inches off the skin. This process is repeated several times.

The above practice causes me to tune into my aura field, till where it fills the room I’m in.

A similar practice is taught be Taoist Magician, Dr Johnson. He speaks of tuning into the space before you…. Extending ones awareness forward till it touches a wall or obstacle. The aspirant feels the sensation of the object, like touching it. This repeats to the space behind the aspirant…. Then to the right and left…. Above and below. This process can envelope other’s, as well as objects. Through this path one can influence this extension of self, that is under their control.

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