I wanted to revisit this topic. When I first wrote about the Self, I had my own understanding but I misunderstood the Self as described by many other Initiates of the LHP.

Biggest Question to Ask

In my view, the notion of “Self,” is the biggest concept to really get down well. Without a sound understanding of “Self,” everything else can be misunderstood.

For example, the atheist Left-Hand-Path person will relate all teachings to the physical body concept of self. Such a person that relates to “ego” or “being selfish,” is relating to that concept as the egotistical human.

However, to a theist LHP Initiate there’s a deeper aspect of Self. The true Self is more than the body awareness. It will also expand to outer layers of Self (those aspects of identity not contained in physical form.)


In 2018 (the year before I discovered the Left-Hand-Path), I wrote a small book to compose my ideas on Unity. I wasn’t speaking so much to the unity of all things, but more importantly, to the unity of Self.

Taking various ideas, notions, gnosis and concepts of my past, I illustrated this idea in a linear diagram.

On the left, I drew out the “Higher Self,” which is also known as the Daimon/Daemon. This whole linear extension is an individual – expressing from the Source (or the Black Sun.)

Human consciousness is on the right extreme, and on the left it extends up to the greatest of expansion.

At the time, I didn’t realize it, but I was working towards an idea of total unity of self – Henosis.

4 Levels Of Self

Don Webb describes the Self in his work “Uncle Setnakts Essential Guide to the Left Hand Path.” I’ve already written about these aspects of Self from Don Webb’s work, so I’ll just link to it below:


While the idea of unity into something else, is not Left-hand-path philosophy… there is sometimes a unity discussed of the nature of Self… the integration of all levels of Self into the True (totality) of Self.

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