In my last article on “A New Stirring of Feeling,” I discussed several topics, some of which included the ideas behind overcoming an enemy through manipulation. It is sometimes necessary to scope out a battlefield and designate a strategy to our warfare. Some enemies need to be overtaken, and sometimes that requires skill manipulation of circumstances.

However, I also wanted to think about the opposition. Sometimes (many times) we must suffer. The struggle for pleasure, and the cessation of pain have their rewards rooted in this profane world.

Making the profane world the goal, will shift the nature of the work. We would be no different than those who strive to have “the good life.” The Good Life is at odds with the Path of Darkness… or the Left Hand Path. The so-called good life, isn’t about Individuality, or deepening one’s knowledge of Self and / or deity. Instead the good-life mentality is about cultivating pleasure and avoiding pain.

My views of the Left Hand Path, is that it requires one to imbibe on pain. Pain is the gatekeeper to the path. Pain and suffering keep our sights humble, and fixated on a greater prize than a profane bonus, sexual partner, or lavish surroundings.

The profane world is simply a means to an end, at least for me. The more I study from the void, the more detached I become. The pain of the world begins to shift into a subdued background noise, as does its carnal pleasures.

There are times where one needs to fight and that fight is not always with straight forwards aggression. Strategy is a requirement to the goals of the battle, at least for me. This perhaps gives context to manipulation and conflict.

A message of satiety is not goal of manipulation and conflict resolution. At least in my world I’m seeking a spiritual depth of the Left Hand Path, over the profane world’s offerings. The Struggle is a requirement. Without it, one grows complacent. Yet too much of a struggle and one is strangled.

This is the balance, to feel the pain, but not be overcome by it. Life will bring the trying times, and the hardships… but with careful analysis we can manipulate some situations to become more bearable, allowing for the achievement of Selfhood… of Individuality.

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