A guide of the Left Hand Path, can wear many names. It can be Satan, Lucifer, Set, or some derivation or name of some other culture. This persona represents the adversary. It fights the oneness and absorption of other paths. Instead of bending into the bliss of “all” it produces the individual state.

Guidance of this force may not be from the icon itself. It may not be that Lucifer shows up each time you call it. But the bond of the path is strengthen each time. Guidance can be transmitted without a formal teaching. It can be transferred through the familiarity of the repeated calls of devotion to the being.

If the Daemon (Part Two) isn’t established, this will be approached as a submissive to a master. The aspirant will plead and cry out to Lucifer. Or they may worship the being, as yet another form of God-to-peasant relationship.

From the aspect of the Daemon Self (acting as the expanded Self of the Daemon), the guide (Lucifer for example) is not treated as a being to tremble in fear of. Rather Lucifer is seen as a brother in arms, helping us rise up into our individual status of Being.

I speak about these beings as though they are real, because they are. Just because something is seen as “external” does not mean it is superior. I do believe in Self Deification, but this process is handled through the direction of a guiding light.

This is the enlightenment process. From this stream, once established, one connects to the wisdom of guidance that flows from a rich fountain. This is the stream of truth.

Often this path is the hardest to tread, but it has as its rewards the individual basis of existence. Hold strong. Don’t give up. Stay true to your core, and know who you are. In that state of mind, connect with the guiding force (be it Set, Satan, or Lucifer or something else) to move us through to our ultimate goals.

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