The goal of union with self, is one in which the limited self (the human body construct) takes on the full totality of Self. This totality being the range of experience from the human body recognition into the infinite Self that expands to fill the entire Subjective Universe.

Subjective Universe is not my terminology, but I’m using it as it fits quite well. The term Subjective Universe (SU) was coined by Dr. Michael Aquino when he wrote various texts for the Temple of Set (click on the link for his name in this paragraph to be taken to his Amazon page, listing his various books.)

This SU of the individual is their own personal experience of the Objective Universe (material world.) The SU is capable of affecting the OU by means of magic/mysticism/belief and intent.

The SU is not just another perspective, it is a state of being, that is (in my experience) the entirety of Self. One’s most expansive form of self, fills the entire SU. This allows one to interact the OU from any point in location and / or time.

After the Removal

I did a personal working, based loosely on Don Webb’s Day 1 of the Grand Initiation. The pieces I took from his work, were in the actual identification with a physical icon, as well as its destruction.

Beyond which, I constructed my own working wherein I addressed all spiritual entities of the past (whether they were me, or external to me) as witnesses of the work. Details for this can be read in the link below:

The removal process did not stop there. My mother, just yesterday, put our whole family at risk. Her dementia became more obvious when she did something that could have harmed family members. I realized something needed to be done to remove her from harming us.

That same day, a long time friend of mine, challenged me and openly mocked me over this issue with my mother. I asked him to stop and change the conversation – but he persisted in his control and manipulation to just get a rise out of me. It was then that I realized he had always done this. This was a pattern of being a friend, then openly mocking me just to get me angry, laugh at my anger, dial it back and defend his words, ask for forgiveness and it would repeat. This relationship was the old me, that wasn’t seeking the spiritual, as this friend mocked any notion of self improvement. I made a very hard decision and disconnected with him.

In the space of a week I’ve lost a lot… I burned the old religion’s connections to me. I’ve come to a decision that my mother must be isolated from the family… and I’ve decided to remove a lifelong friend from my life.

The Self

Last night was rough… but then, this morning, I sat in meditation… and I felt a connection to a higher (more expansive) form of Self. This at first was like internal dialogue, but then it became my expression at times.

The entire experience was visual, and expressive… and most likely not for mentioning here in its personal nature. Suffice to say, it was real. My very interaction and reaction to things just after this state of being was completely different.

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