Perhaps the biggest difference between Right Hand Path and Left Hand Path traditions is within their cosmology.

While not all Right Hand Path systems seek union with God (Christians do not seek union with the Divine, for example), may of the Eastern paths do seek union. Hinduism seeks union with the Divine and I think one could argue that Taoism also teaches a similar approach – the dissolution of duality.

Before going further, consider this updated post on Unity with Source, which discusses a writing of Michael Aquino on the topic of union with Set:

Union has been a significant part of my philosophy since 2007.

Many a Left Hand path initiate will quote Crowley here or there… and in that vein I would like to quote Crowley:

For I am divided for love’s sake, for the chance of union.

Book of the Law

3. O Thou that sittest upon the Earth! (so spake a certain Veiled One to me) thou art not greater than thy mother! Thou speck of dust infinitesimal! Thou art the Lord of Glory, and the unclean dog. 

4. Stooping down, dipping my wings, I came unto the darkly-splendid abodes. There in that formless abyss was I made a partaker of the Mysteries Averse. 

5. I suffered the deadly embrace of the Snake and of the Goat; I paid the infernal homage to the shame of Khem. 

6. Therein was this virtue, that the One became the all. 

Liber LXV, Chapter II

Crowley has spoken about the consummate individualist, but also about becoming “ONE” with the ALL. Two references of this union are described above.

Divided for Love’s Sake

Nuit cries out that she is divided for love’s sake, for perchance of union. Consider the idea that separation never brings equality. Equality is only found in union. Love is found in union.

While science might be able to separate a pie down to it’s molecular structure and make an even divide, human psychology does not. Once we have a preference, it creates the equal opposite (that which displeases us.) It’s so with everything we do… Those who choose to buy a Mac, vs a PC will have feelings about the other – and vice versa.

In America there was a movement that tried to keep people separate by racial background. They said they were trying to be “separate but equal.” The joke however, is that nothing is equal, once it is separated. There’s always a preference.

Here Nuit is saying she allows the division, for the love of union that may result.

Liber LXV

Liber LXV, Chapter II, opens with this very topic. Look at how Crowley is referred to as the totality of all things. He is at one and the same time, the Lord of Virtue and the Unclean Dog. That totality is his union, his all encompassing attribute.

Lest we forget the verse, “therein was this virtue, that the ONE became the ALL.” The one, that source of all, became everything. At one and the same time, there is a sense of separation, and yet union.


Beyond the mystic approaches described above, we also have basic psychology. What happens when someone buys a brand new car they’ve been desiring? For a brief moment, that car is an extension (psychologically) of themselves. If it is damaged or in danger, the owner feels as though they are equally in danger.

Or consider the individual, who has no acceptance, except for himself. Then this individual meets a spouse and fall in love. At that moment there is a union – a sense of extending the “self” to a larger degree.

As the relationship grows to include children, it expands even further. If the person where to spiritualize their life, they may decide that they can extend the sense of self to include a race, a gender, a political party… or even the entire human race.

These are all forms of union. The union is not complete, as the individual ego still remains in tact.


No man is an island they say… so too has no man made itself. There’s no self made American… every person is the product of the work of others – their parents, their country and so forth.

LHP Individuality

The individuality espoused by the LHP is alluring, but I worry it’s not fully vetted. Does full individuality help a society, or does it benefit the individuals from their own subjective reality?

If the latter, then there will be conflict en mass.

I’m not yet sold on the idea of LHP individuality… I still hold that union is the perfection of magic. Union does not necessarily mean the loss of ego, bu tit could be a stage of union where one feels Source, and at the same time retains individual consciousness.

I reserve the right to change my mind on this, but currently at the time of this writing, this is how I feel about LHP individuality.

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