Right now, many people (including myself) feel the pull of anger and hatred. Positive people say we should recognize those feelings and then forgive and love those who wrong us (or others we care about). Is this effective? It certainly is an approach to “clam the waters” of the mind. But does it raise the seat of the soul? The spiritual component is the focus of this blog, in that vein, I’d like to address my take on hatred and anger…. how it can be utilized (not subjugated) for both psychological and magical effect.

So-called spiritual people are all over social media, writing about “compassion for everyone.” An example is the prayer of, “what harms one, harms us all.” While this tact is more liberal and open minded, it also comes with a pair of handcuffs. We are told that hating the hater is “a sin” or perhaps will “bring us to ruin.”

The Buddhist will employ logic to walk through a series of events – one person’s violence, begets another’s violence, that begets more violence. These examples are all the stuff of outwards hatred (hatred played out in the physical world). What of using hatred as a base of psychological and magical power?

Using hatred gets a pretty bad rap. People will say, “an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind,” and I suppose that might be true, yet such thinking is in dealing with the physicality of hate. I’m not writing about responding to violence with physical violence. I’m writing about an inner or subtle body. That inner spark of descent that carves and cuts away the soul from the bastard world surrounding it. That’s hatred, pure hatred pulled inward and utilized by the initiate.

Hatred expressed outward with your hands ends RIGHT THERE. But hatred pulled inward can BUILD THE INDIVIDUAL or in the least create magical change.

The true enemy is that profane thing that pulls our attention away from moving deeper and further into the spiritual process. Hatred and anger is often described as this enemy, and yet it is anger and hate that can be used to further deepen the bond. If hatred holds a person into the physicality of existence, it is the enemy. But it doesn’t need to be this way. Hatred is simply energy. You might think of it as psychological energy, or you may be more open to the concept of it being spiritual energy. In either case, hate (as an energy), is neutral. That energy is powerful and readily available to be programmed.

The process of using hatred, consumes it. Unlike what some might think, using hatred does not create more hatred, but leaves a person feeling void of the emotion. Much like being hungry and eating a full meal. Once eaten, one no longer feels hungry.

One might wonder, “but why use hatred?” Hate and anger are common emotions. In the age of social media, we are exposed to intolerant ideas, dominating paradigms and verbal abuse. People are triggered throughout their day by feelings of being oppressed by others. Unlike elemental energy, hate isn’t something we have to “invoke.” It’s already here. It’s also a very powerful energy.

To reiterate, hate, like any strong emotion (love, anger, fear) is energy. It is neutral of effect. It is what we do with it, that shapes its direction. By pulling the hatred to the surface, it can be programmed with intent.

Using Hatred Psychologically

Focus on that thing you hate. That thing I hate, it tears me open, and in meditation I don’t avoid it or “melt it away,” in some new age bath. Instead I poke that hatred and prod it. I think about the thing I hate… the leering idiot smile of an Evangelical racist, or a bible thumping sex offender. Hold that image of the hateful person or thing. Feel how much we hate them.

Breathing in, I pull that hatred up through me like a tearing of the world. I recognize that the Bible, the christian, the politician, whomever it may be, is of this world and I cast it out. With my own authority I name it, and cast it out feeling my inner darkness spread to form around me a deeper state of cocoon.

Simply put, I expel the thing I am angry or agitated about, using the energy of the emotion as the power of psychological distancing. For some people, they may call such activities an “act of magic,” but in truth it is simply a psychological action. When performed like this, it creates a separation for me. I feel I’m taking ownership of my life, and removing those things that are bothersome. Change starts here. Doing this, will in time, create the need of physical change. One may cast out the parental figure that they hate, and in time find they have completely cut this person out of their life.

While this can help with using the emotions of anger, it is limited in capability. This helps create the space needed for Individuality (by removing ourselves from people who are holding us back – people we come to hate). But it isn’t creating any magical change, nor any deepening of the spiritual Self. For a greater purpose, I’ve used hatred magically….

Using Hatred Magically

These are not intended as “step by step” instructions. This is not a “how to do magic,” but how I do something and if useful perhaps someone can change and do their own thing.

The Golden Dawn’s Artificial Elemental Process

For reference, I should talk about those things that influenced this practice of mine. This practice, for me, goes back to a Golden Dawn influence. Specifically, I’m thinking of the teaching on artificial elementals. The Golden Dawn DID NOT use emotion. Instead, they sought to pull energy from spiritual environments. While they had an idea of how to draw in energy (programming it for a personal goal) I’ve found that it can work far better with strong emotions.

The Golden Dawn initiate isn’t looking to harvest their emotions, but rather gather refined energy from spiritual practice. In the Golden Dawn method, a magician studies various correspondence of an element. Having an understanding of the “middle pillar” ritual (energy gathering technique of the Golden Dawn), as well as invocations of elemental energy, the initiate sets the stage of the work. The energy element they seek to cultivate, is represented in the color of candles, the incense used, the symbols and beings named (see “777” by Crowley). The stage is colored and scented with the appropriate elements.

After a state of report is reached with the element (via meditating in a room of the appropriate correspondence), a lengthy invocation (drawing a pentagram in the air, starting towards the elemental correlating point they seek and continuing this around the circle) is performed. Feeling the energy manifesting, the magician draws energy between their hands. Inhaling (or by will alone) they pull the energy desired (fire, earth, water, or air) and direct it through their hands (or wand), visualized as emitters – sending the energy into a visualized form (ball of energy, being, mist, etc.) This is done until the magician feels they have filled the space with this elemental force.

The final state of the artificial elemental process, is to focus on the energy cultivated, giving it a goal, as well as a life span. “You will accomplish XXXX, and when complete, you will return to the realm you came from.” It’s imprinting the virgin energy with the goal of the magician.

Outside the Golden Dawn spectrum, there are many authors who have written about creating magical servitors. Each will have their own flair, but will accomplish the same bullet points here. The idea is to pull in an elemental energy, hold it, imprint one’s will upon it, and give it a direction of dispersal when the operation is complete.

These tactics often utilize energy harvesting by means of complex ritual. There is a much simpler way of gathering energy. All that is required is to feel a strong emotion – such as anger.

Using Hatred is much Faster

If you’re already holding a strong emotion, an easier approach is available. This would be frowned upon by the G.D. or other “light” based magic practices. For this working, we don’t need correspondences. Since the energy is already within us (Hatred for example) we simply tap into the energy of inner hate, anger, or other strong emotion. It’s already there. There’s no coaxing needed, no formal invocation or correspondences are necessary.

If one likes they could create the setting to resemble the colors, sounds and smells of the emotion, but in my opinion this isn’t necessary. Correlating elements are tools to help tune into a force. If the force is already present, then the magician can simply work with it.

Find the source of the hate and focus on it. Was it an image in the news, a death of an innocent, a case of abuse, a statement from an evangelical tyrant? Hold that hatred and just feel it. Play out the scene in your mind. Feel the anger rising up.

Hands outstretched, draw the energy through your skin and bones on the breath. Much like the G.D. ritual the breath carries the energy, but this time the work is raw and powerful. It isn’t neat and tidy like the G.D. system. You may grunt, hiss, or otherwise explode your hatred in verbal rage. Your hands may shake with anger. Feel that rage and anger gush from your hands as an energy. Visualize however you wish.

Feel the energy coming together between the palms, vibrating with raw surging hatred. When you feel you’ve drained yourself of this hatred, acknowledge it now resides before you… and like the G.D. ritual of the artificial elemental, give this energy a task, a date of completion and directions for what to do when the result is manifested. You must KNOW that your will is imprinting upon the energy being harvested. The mind must be still enough to push this in with the goal.

In my opinion, anger/hate is as valid a force as Water, Fire, Earth or Air. Some believe they must call upon a specific element in order to achieve a specific type of thing. If they wish to draw in money, they use Earth. If they wish to illuminate or send a magical attack, they use fire. For learning or spiritual growth, they may call upon Air. I no longer abide by such constructs. In my opinion, we create the outcome by our will alone. If a person believes Fire must be for harm or light, but not for growing the bond with the deity, then their will has already spoken and has set a boundary of the work.

However, if we remove our preconceptions of energy, seeing all energy as the same raw force, then anger/hate can be used for any or all of these goals.


In my opinion, the greatest goal is that which enriches our own Self and Individuality.

Other goals are possible: One could curse or hex an enemy, or they could use it to defend their home… it could be used to draw in an income, or some other mundane thing….

The best outcome would be a programed energy to open the pathways between the deity and ourselves. To break down the walls of separation and open us to our spiritual path in deeper ways.

Regardless of choice, one will most likely feel less hateful by the end of the working. This is because the hatred has been consumed and sent out on task. In time our anger will return, and that’s very much fine, as it can once again be utilized as a raw power source.

This works for me. I can’t attest it will work for others. Use or change as you wish.

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