Up to this point in my life, I’ve only had two visual manifestations. For the sake of transparency I will also point out that no one else witnessed these events. These are purely my own story without evidence. Still I want to document the events that transpired.

The year was 2005. I had just been initiated into the Golden Dawn. However, I was also working with a system of magic related to summoning entities. Following a rite to accomplish this, I had a manifestation that was shocking.

The Rite

Please understand, that today I do not make use of Solomonic mechanics as they are adversarial in nature. However, at that time I had no scruples and was trying different ideas.

The Room Setup

As required, I created a Triangle of Art. Painting the “divine names” within it, and inscribing the inner circle, I placed a black mirror on the center. The height of the triangle and mirror was such that I could sit in a chair and look straight into the black mirror without any neck strain.

The room was shut, no one else lived in the house. A curtain covered the only window, to my left. I would sit towards the SE corner of the room, facing the mirror.

At the center of the room was a double cubed altar, with a single candle upon it (that’s all.) The time of day was roughly 2pm. The heavy curtain blocked out most of the light in the room, keeping the room dimly lit (from the candle.)

The Ritual

Incense was burning on charcoal and I began the ritual with banishings: LBRP and BRH. After the bannishings I believe the next step was a GD work called Opening by Watchtower.

Then I took my seat in the SE looking into the mirror, making the demand for the entity in question to appear. I did this several times… and on the last, I had a startling experience:

The light in the room shifted. Imagine, if you will, a single light source in a room. If another was added, or it was moved… the shadows in the room would shift. The shift of the shadows went one direction and then snapped back. It was fast. So fast that I wondered if it happened.

I spun around to see if the candle had fallen. It was fine. I thought perhaps the A/C was blowing on the flame… but no. No air movement. I ran out of ideas, so I was standing, looking to the East now, and I shouted:

“[Entities Name] If that was YOU, do it Again!”

The Appearance

Honestly I had no idea something would happen… but what did happen was I noticed movement in my peripheral vision. I looked to my right, and about 45 degrees from me, an object in the air was forming.

Like a fade in from a full transparency, this object was moving from my right side, towards my left. The movement of the object was along a curve, the circle on the floor.

The object was a ball of light… and it had its own illumination. It was brightest when directly in front of me. Height wise, it was probably floating at my upper chest height.

I don’t believe in orbs… not those orbs on digital cameras. They are often the result of flashes on dust particles. This was nothing like that. This was a ball of light seen with my eyes. About the brightness of a 45 watt bulb. It was golden in color and the size of a baseball. Since I was in a bedroom, this object wasn’t far from me. It was maybe, 3-4 feet from me.

As it passed to the left of me, it began to fade out, just like the opposite of how it emerged. Around 45 degrees to my left, it was fully transparent/gone.


When this happened, my adrenaline was pumping out of fear. In no way did I expect this. Terrified, I mumbled something about, “thanks for coming but I have to go,” and started the bannishings immediately.

I remember in that moment a thought in my mind, “was this coming from me?” Yet in the moment I assumed it was the being I was calling upon.

I’ve wondered if the light was not the being itself, but rather an external phenomenon I manifested, to fit the experience desired.

Or, maybe it was a being. Either way it was NOT CONTAINED in the Triangle of Art and I think that message was very important. Yet the object respected the boundary of the circle.

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